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R&I Group

R&I Group, a Russian communications company established in 1997, providing strategic BTL, Advertising, PR, Design and Event Marketing services.

R&I Group is one of the most award-winning advertising agencies in Russia – it has 5 Grands Prizes and dozens of top awards granted by international festivals, and it is one of the top agencies offering billing and creative solutions.

Task description
  1. Detailed consultations on factoring
  2. Finding a factoring solution for accounts receivable
  3. Conducting negotiations with factors.

R&I Group expresses sincere gratitude to Willance for professional support and advice in selecting and conducting negotiations with factoring companies.

While working with us, Willance employees proved to be highly competent and well informed of factoring companies’ practices. Willance consultants worked smoothly and accurately, demonstrating excellent knowledge of factoring companies’ ins and outs. Recommendations made for us while assessing our demand (amount of accounts receivable, grace period, proposed limit etc.) happened to be invaluable and helped us achieve the results we would never achieve without qualified assistance from an independent broker.

We will certainly continue to use our partner Willance in future. We are sure to recommend this company to our business colleagues and friends. 

Olga Sumenkova, CFO, R&I Group


Address: 7, Dolgorukovskaya st, office 417, 127006, Moscow, Russia

Phone: 8 (800) 550-11-84